Andy Lam, Founder


Andy and his wife traveled by business class or first class for many years though airlines travel award programs. The more  they traveled in business class or first class, the more they FALL IN LOVE with the luxury travel. They are passionate about making true luxury travel affordable.

Andy was planning for his retirement, but he does not want to sacrifice his travel to exchange for his retirement saving. He was on budget every time when they were planning for their travel or vacation. Until 2006, because Andy’s real estate business required him to travel more often to Dallas, Texas.   He started to earn more miles on American Airlines and he started to understand the game on “Airlines Award Program”. Since then, they crazy for miles, they earn all the miles that they ignore in the past.   Those are organic miles that can turn to green money.

Andy shared the ideas of his miles earning strategies to his friends. After they learnt how to turn miles into thousand of dollars saving in their vacations, they are crazy for hunting miles like him and his wife. Therefore, Andy’s goal for his website is to share his miles/points insights so more readers can keep their same spending habit, with more benefit and enjoyment.


Fai Chau Hon, Co-Founder

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Fai is Andy’s brother-in-law. In 2010, 6 family members went to Russia and all tickets were redeemed from American AAdvantage miles. They utilized Oneworld Alliance and traveled to Russia by Cathay Pacific and traveled between Moscow and St. Petersburg by S7 Airlines.   They were able to redeem 4 business class tickets and 2 economy class tickets to Moscow. On their return flight, they redeemed 3 business class tickets and 3 economy class tickets from St. Petersburg back home.

It involved some afford in getting 6 award tickets, but it was achievable. Therefore, Fai decides to join Andy in setting up this website to share the secrets behind miles and tips on empower your spending.



“Dg” David Louis Lam, Our Charity Dog


Dg is Andy and his wife’s best buddy. It sounds a bit crazy. Dg is a dog, and he is a good companion. He is different than a normal dog because you do not need to take him for a walk and you do not need to pick up his poo poo. Dg is a stuff animal and is their protector. Dg shares a lot of memory with them and he travels with them as well.

Dg is a member in Crazy For Miles. He will participate in our Dg charity corner – commitment to our community.