Advertising Kit for CrazyForMiles

Andy’s goal for setting up is to share his miles/points insights so more readers can keep their same spending habit and earn more miles and points to empower their spending value.

Becoming a blog advertiser provides an opportunity for you to reach a targeted audience that will benefit from your products and services.

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Reader Profile

CrazyForMiles’s readers are people that love to enjoy life and travel, with good financial standing.  They are cyber person that love to use internet a lot and enjoy online shopping.  Very often cyber readers are very active in social media, including Facebook, Twitter, google +, and youtube.

Prefer Advertisers

Any entities that related to travel points and miles, for example, Banks, Credit Card Companies, Financial Institutions, Retailers, Airlines, Hotels, Car Rental Companies.

* We reserve the right to refuse any entities’ advertisement on our site if the content is against or affect our mission, our image, and/or our value. 

* If you are interested in ad spaces, please contact us as soon as possible because we anticipate the spaces have high demand and will go fast.

Content Marketing 

We facilitate FREE content marketing for our advertisers if we believe the absolute value could benefit our readers and we will only express our opinion and we will not endorse the products and services.  If you have any products and services that would like us to place a review in our site, please email us the details.

Guidelines and Policies

Design and content of your ad is your responsibility and we are not liable for any claims arising from your ad or any errors in it.

Sizes and dimensions are enforced with our agreement.  We do not allow animation on any ads.  Please contact us at for any questions and concerns.

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