American AAdvantage Award Ticket Change Fees

AAdvantage account and Dividend Miles account merge in second quarter 2015

Why I like American AAdvantage more?

American AAdvantage does not have too much fees involved and is different from most frequent flyer programs.  In my experience, I would say American AAdvantage has the least amount of fees on award ticket and United MileagePlus has the most amount of fees on award ticket.  American AAdvantage has:

  1. No change fees if the origin and destination are the same.
  2. No change fees if you change to the same class of cabin or higher, otherwise, you pay $150 to downgrade your cabin.
  3. No changes fees for AAnytime Award if you are changing your airport.

For me,  I travel a lot in high season to oversea, but might not be lucky enough to find the perfect date on my award ticket.  My strategy is to book on a confirmed date and change it later because award seat usually release in the last minute for international flights.

I did not try the same strategy for the domestic flights.  If you have any insight, please share your information with us.  Appreciated.

American AAdvantage 5 Days Hold on Award Reservation

American AAdvantage allows you to hold your award reservation for 5 days before redeeming and issuing the award ticket.  This is a good option if you need to co-ordinate your trips with other parties or if you are not sure your travel date and would like to grab the award seat first before it is going away.

Earn American AAdvantage Miles

I earn most of my American AAdvantage Miles from Citi American AAdvantage Card and American AAdvantage eshopping.  As a Citi American AAdvantage Card user, you can earn back 10% or up to 10,000 miles per year on your award redemption. 

American Airlines AAdvantage eshopping

American Airlines AAdvantage eshopping

What I do not like about American AAdvantage

Overall I am very satisfy with the royalty program for American Airlines, but there are two areas that I would like to see some improvement – their online award reservation system and their American AAdvantage Desk Phone Services.  Both areas can increase their quality services in a big time.

If their reservation system is able to book other partners airlines award ticket online as well, that will be great because it is very time consuming to call American AAdvantage Desk and you could be on hold for 30 – 45 minutes before you can speak to a reservation representative.

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