American AAdvantage Devaluation Starts March 22, 2016

Singapore Airlines First Class Check In




Cathay Pacific First Class Seating

Cathay Pacific First Class Seating

American AAdvantage 2016 Award Chart Devaluation, effective March 22, 2016

If you have any travel plan, please make sure you book your award seats before March 22, 2016 so you can still take the advantage of low mileage redemption, otherwise, you will see a huge devaluation on your miles when the new policy starts.

As of this moment, American AAdvantage charges NO CHANGE FEES on award ticket.  What is that mean for you?  If you have a trip in mind, but not sure on the dates, you can lock you routing first by using the old award chart, then change your date later.  As long as your destination do not change, you do not need to pay any fees to change the dates.  Rules and policies are subject to change by the airlines without notice.  Please always refer to American AAdvantage at 800-882-8880 for any questions.

If you are changing the class of services, then you require to pay for the different of miles from the new award chart and the award miles that you used.

Award Level Changes for American Airlines

Award Level Changes for Partner Airlines


First Class to Asia Region 2 – 63% Increase

Change from 67,500 miles to 110,000 miles one-way

As you all know, I use American AAdvantage to book my Cathay Pacific first class award ticket a lot.  This is a big impact..

Now, I used 67,500 miles for one-way first class award ticket from San Francisco to Hong Kong.  After March 22, 2016, it will cost 110,000 miles, with 42,500 miles more, 63% increase.  If you have a trip plan, please make sure you redeem the award ticket before March 22, 2016. 

* Remember you can use British Airways system to find the award seats so you do not need to hold on the phone for American AAdvantage, because British Airways is also a member of oneworld.

First Class to Japan – 52% Increase

Change from 52,500 miles to 80,000 miles one-way

We are planning for a trip to Japan and would always want to try Japan Airlines.  With the changes on American AAdvantage award, it will cost 27,500 miles more after March 22, 2016, 52% increase.  We definitely will try to book the trip soon.

Qantas from San Francisco to Sydney direct flight starts December 18, 2015

First Class to Australia – 52% Increase

Change from 72,500 Miles to 110,000 Miles one-way

We have been thinking to go to Australia, but never find any Qantas First Class award seat open.  We are hoping that the new non-stop route from San Francisco to Sydney will open some light for us, it will start flying December 18, 2015.   If we are able to find any award seats, we will use it before it devaluates. 

Above are the changes that will impact us.  How about you?  Please plan ahead so you can spend your miles smartly.


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