Bed Bath & Beyond – 5% Category for Chase Freedom in Second Quarter

Bed Bath & Beyond
Bed Bath & Beyond

Bed Bath & Beyond is selling Gift Cards too

How to boost your 5% Chase Freedom Cash Back?

Bed Bath & Beyond is selling Gift Cards too, but it is not too much varieties as Office Supply Stores. I bought some Shell Gas Station Gift Cards and this is basic expense that I need in my daily life.  By the way, if you are using Shell Gift Card as a payment, you are paying the cash price at the station, which is cheaper than the credit price that you paid if you pay by credit card.  Ha… you are killing two birds with one stone – cheaper gas price and more cash back by using gas Gift Card.

Second Quarter Chase Freedom Categories are: Restaurants, Bed Bath & Beyond, H&M,  If you want to maximize your earning, buying gift cards at Bed Bath & Beyond will be a good way to boost your 5% earning.

20% Off One Single Item or $10 off $25 purchase

If you could apply the 20% off one single item or $10 off $25 purchase coupon at Bed Bath & Beyond, you might find some bargain by applying the coupon, and could be cheaper than Target or Walmart.

Bed Bath & Beyond has mass mailing to neighborhood households and you might receive their coupons every month, but just never pay attention to it.  Or if you sign up online, they will send you the coupons regularly as well.

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