Cash Back

Cash Back


Received this question from JL:

I cannot believe you earn more than $1100 cash back last year.  How?

I earned my cash back through:

  • – my favor cash back site.  Last May, ebates offered 16% cash back on a lot of major department stores.  That was how I earned the big fat check of $351.09 in August 2015.
ebates Cash Back Check

My BIG FAT CHECK from ebates (Cash Back Site) $351.09. Ebates where it pays to shop online.

  • US Bank Cash+ Visa Signature – it allows you to pick two 5% categories and one 2% categories on your card.  Also, every year you get one time $25 bonus on $100+ by redeeming your cash back.
US Bank Cash + Visa Signature Card

US Bank Cash + Visa Signature Card – you choose your 5% cash back categories

  • Chase Freedom Card – this is a cash back card with 5% in different categories every quarter. 5% categories for second quarter of 2016 are grocery stores and wholesale clubs.  You can purchase varies gift cards in grocery stores to fully maximize your 5% cash back earning.  As you know, I love miles more than cash back.  Therefore, I often combined my ultimate rewards in Chase Freedom card with my ultimate rewards in Chase Ink Plus, so I can transfer my points to participate loyalty airlines and travel in style.
Chase Freedom Card

Chase Freedom Card 5% Cash Back in Different Categories Every Quarter




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