Changes in 2016 – New “Real Miles Show”

Japan Airlines First Class Lounge

Dear Miles Fans:

In Year 2015, we earned 965,321 rewards/points and $1145.78 Cash Back, which you can find the details information on our “Daily Miles” pages.  If we can do it, you can do it too.  They are ORGANIC and FREE.

We already show you how to earn our daily miles in 2015.  Now we would like to show you how to use your miles in 2016.  Starting from 2016, we are going to stop the bi-weekly posting on Miles Earning.  We are starting a new page on February 2, 2016, “Real Miles Show”, Miles King and Miles Queen will invite their fans to participate.  They will guide them how to apply the miles to travel in style.  We will answer any real life questions bi-weekly and we welcome your participation.  You can either email your questions to or submit your questions on comment section.  We will answer your questions accordingly.

In addition, we are going to change our weekly Tuesday posting to bi-weekly Tuesday posting, as of January 26, 2016, alternating with “Real Miles Show” posting.

We traveled from Japan to San Francisco by Japan Airlines First Class on our last trip.  Look forward to seeing you in our next First Class flying and wish you a happy and joyful 2016.


Miles King, Miles Queen, and Miles Dog

Japan Airlines First Class Lounge

Japan Airlines First Class Lounge





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