Changes in Chase Ultimate Rewards Point Transfer

Chase Ultimate Rewards
1:! point transfer for Chase Ultimate Rewards

1:1 point transfer for Chase Ultimate Rewards

New Changes effective November 15, 2015 on Chase Ultimate Rewards Point Transfer

I was trying to transfer some Ultimate Rewards points to British Airways Avios last month when I booked my award tickets from Hong Kong to Osaka.  Even though I transferred to British Airways Avios in the past, it asked me to input my frequent travel executive club number again.  Unfortunately, I was not able to set it up because my name was not exactly match.

Luckily, I have my Amex Membership Rewards that I can use, but it costs me a bit more.  Anyway, I only short 1800 Avios, which cost me 2250 Amex Membership Rewards (1.25 : 1).

Please read the changes below and get yourself prepare.

Here are a few things you need to know:

  • Starting November 15th, when you transfer points to participating frequent travel programs, you can only transfer points to yourself or an owner of the company who is listed as an authorized user on your card account.
  • If you previously saved your frequent travel program numbers on Chase Ultimate Rewards, you will need to reenter them.
  • Please make sure the name on your Chase account matches the name on your frequent travel program accounts.

You can refer to the Chase Ink Rewards Program Agreement Update for details.

Chase Ultimate Rewards transfer is 1:1 for British Airways Avios, which is cheaper than Amex Membership Rewards 1.25:1.



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