Chase Freedom Third Quarter 2017 5% on Restaurants and Movie Theaters

Chase Freedom 3rd Quarter 5% Cash Back on Restaurants and Movie Theaters

5% Cash Back on Dining and Movie this Summer

Earn 5% cash back on up to $1500 in combined purchases from July 1 to September 30, 2017 at Restaurants and Movie Theaters.  You can potentially earn up to 7,500 Ultimate Rewards or $75 cash back in every quarter assigned 5% categories. 

I keep Chase Freedom as my reward booster on their 5% cash back categories. You can activate by September 14, 2017 to earn 5% for third quarter 2017.

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Purchase Gift Cards to Boost Your 5% Earning

It is 10 days leave for second quarter.  If you have not spend $1500 on the Supermarkets and Drugstores purchases in second quarter, this is a tip for you.  You can purchase gift cards at Supermarkets and Drugstores for future uses. 

You can go to your Chase Freedom account and review your 5% cash back spending.

Chase Freedom 5% Spending

Chase Freedom 5% Spending

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