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What are my “Every 2 Weeks Daily Miles” for?

Crazy For Miles

Crazy For Miles

Dear Miles Lovers, a lot of you asked me what do we do at Crazy For Miles and what are my postings, “Every 2 Weeks Daily Miles” on Daily Miles page for?

A lot of people do not think I can easily earn so many miles/points/cash back every year.  Therefore, my goal is to post the miles/points/cash back that I earn in every 2-weeks period for year 2015.  If we can do it, you can do it too.

My objectives for those postings are:

  • to demonstrate how you can boost your miles earning in your daily spending by using different Travel Reward Credit Cards
  • to show you my wallet – what kind of Travel Reward Credit Cards bonus I am getting and how I am using them to boost my miles earning

If you follow my postings and would like some input how you can maximize your miles earning,  you can either send me a private email to king@CrazyForMiles.com or leave a comment on the bottom of the page on each posting.  I will reply accordingly.

If you are able to tell me what kind of credit cards are in your wallet, I should give you a higher quality response tailor to your situation.

Or if you have better suggestions in earning even more miles, please share on the site so every miles lovers can benefit.

My A380 First Class Suite Experience – see you on my next trip in the first class cabin.


Miles King First Class Travel

Miles King First Class Travel




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