Dry Ice on Cathay Pacific Flight

Cathay Pacific
Gelato Ice Cream

Gelato Ice Cream

Dry Ice Package

My sister-in-law loves Gelato Ice Cream a lot and there is one favor, Coppa Mista, that she cannot find anywhere else, except in Gelato Classico, Fremont.  She visited us couple weeks ago and decided to take some back to Hong Kong for her friend to try.

Dry Ice is the only way to keep the ice cream not melting. We got mixed information from searching at google on rules and policy on dry ice package.  Anyway, we decided to give it a try and worst case was we will finish the ice cream in the airport if airlines do not allow us to carry it.

When my sister was checking-in in the counter, she told the crew that there was a package of ice cream packed with dry ice.  The crew told us to weigh the package in front of her and the limitation is the same as what we found on google that you cannot have more than 2.5kg of Dry Ice ( or 5 pounds of Dry Ice ) and the package can only be in check-in bag and cannot be in carry-on.

The crew told me that different airlines might have different rules in size of the package and weigh of dry ice.

After my sister-in-law landed in Hong Kong, I were so eager to find out what happen to the package.  She told me that dry ice was gone in the package, and the ice-cream was fresh and firm.  I am glad that our mission was accomplished.


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