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Received this question from JJ:

I am planning a cruise vacation with my family from San Francisco to Alaska.  Do I pay the same with whoever I purchase the cruise package with?  Can I earn award miles on Cruises?

My experience is no different with whoever you purchase the cruise package with because the cruise ship companies do not want their selling channels to compete with each other.  Since the price is the same, different agency will use different strategies to have you book with them.  Like, you can earn miles with United Cruises and American Airlines Cruises.  They both offer 110% best price guarantee.  If you find a lower price than their price, they will refund you 110% of the difference.  Terms and Conditions apply.  For them to be able to advertise for 110% best price guarantee, you can tell the prices are comparable.

American Airlines 110% Best Price Guarantee

American Airlines Cruises 110% Best Price Guarantee

Let’s compare the current promotion on both United Cruises and American Cruises for award miles.

United Cruises


United Cruises Award Miles Offering

United Cruises Award Miles Offering

Earn up to 7 miles per $1 and up to 35,000 Award Miles. (Information is based on the promotion as of March 5, 2016, promotion is subject to change.)

If you are MileagePlus Credit Cardholders, you can earn up to 7 award miles per $1 of the cruise purchase price depending on the stateroom category booked excluding port charges and government taxes.

United Cruises Earn up  to 7 miles per $1

United Cruises Earn up to 7 miles per $1

I have a friend booked a balcony stateroom for her parent and a regular stateroom for herself to go to Alaska and she paid for $5000 for the balcony stateroom and $2000 for the regular stateroom..  In her case, she could earn $5000 x 7 award miles for balcony stateroom + $2000 x 4 award miles for regular stateroom = 43,000 MileagePlus miles, but she will only award 35,000 MileagePlus miles for the maximum award miles that United offers if she has MileagePlus credit card, otherwise, she can only earn $5000 x 4 award miles + $2000 x 2 award miles = 24,000 MileagePlus miles if she does not has MileagePlus credit card.


American Airlines Cruises

American Airlines Cruises Award Miles Offer

American Airlines Cruises Award Miles Offering

Earn up to 7 bonus miles per $1 on top of their existing triple miles offer, with a total of 10 bonus AAdvantage miles per $1 spent..  That is up to 100,000 miles on any 2016 or 2017 balcony or suite booking.  (Information is based on the promotion as of March 5, 2016, promotion is subject to change.)

Go back to the same example that we mentioned above.  If my friend booked her balcony stateroom with American Airlines Cruises with $5000 purchase, she can earn $5000 x 10 Award Miles for balcony stateroom = 50,000 AAdvantage miles and $2000 x 3 Award Miles for regular stateroom = 6,000 AAdvantage Miles, total 56,000 bonus AAdvantage miles .  The offer does not require or limit to American AAdvantage credit card holder.


With the same cruises booking from the example above, you can see American AAdvantage Award Program was offering more bonus miles in a flexible manner in that time period. 

Remember different time might have different award miles promotion and it is not necessary for American AAdvantage Award Program be the best all the time.

Do not miss out any chance to earn award miles.  You can use your award miles to redeem travel, including future cruises, hotel, and car rental.

In addition, if you are a frequent cruises lover, you might want to use the same royalty program to book your cruises because they might offer even more, like upgrade, onboard credit, for return customers.










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