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16% Cash Back for Nordstrom

16% Cash Back for Nordstrom – Today Only

Today is the last day of ebates.com 16% Cash Back event

Today’s feature store is Nordstrom.  Nordstrom is my wife and my favor retail store.  If it is yours too, you do not want to miss out the 16% cash back on ebates.

How that works?

Instead of going to Nordstrom.com directly, you should

  • sign up an account with ebates if you do not have one yet
  • click on your retail store, e.g. 16% Cash Back for Nordstrom
  • then it will appear a page with all the coupons for Nordstrom, click “Shop Now”
  • it will lead you to Nordstrom website, then you can start shopping like normal
  • Cash Back will accumulate in your ebates account and send out quarterly

Why Nordstrom is our favor store?

  • Usually Nordstrom has the highest miles/points/cash back among the peers for bonus online shopping
  • It is easy to return in any stores with no hassle, and no time limit
  • When you return your items, you can have the credit go to any credit card account
  • If you keep the items, Nordstrom can do price adjustment within 14 days on the phone if they are on sale.  (If you run into a nice representative on the phone, he/she will do price adjustment even it past 14 days.)

5% Cash Back on US Bank Cash + Visa Signature Card

US Bank Cash + Visa Signature Card

US Bank Cash + Visa Signature Card – you choose your 5% cash back categories

If you are Cash Back lovers, you can consider US Bank Cash + Visa Signature Card.  This card allows you to choose two 5% Cash Back categories.  I picked “Department Stores” as one of my Categories.  Whenever I shop at Nordstrom by using this card, I will have 5% Cash Back on top OF other bonus miles/points/cash back that I will receive.

In this case, I am getting 16% Cash Back from ebates, plus 5% Cash Back from US Bank Cash+ Visa Signature Card.  It is total 21% Cash Back, i.e. IT IS A TOTAL OF 21% SAVING.  What a bargain!!!!



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