First Class from Haneda, Japan back to San Francisco

Japan Airlines First Class Lounge

My Experience with Japan Airlines

Lately one of my friend asked me about my trip to Kyoto Japan at the beginning of the year and my experience with Japan Airlines.

In case you missed the chance to view my shared video in January.


Our First Class Flight with Japan Airlines in January 2016

It is a great experience with minor improvement:

  1.  Food are delicious and great presentation, but lack of chooses in Japanese style cuisine. 
  2. Mattress pad has the choose of soft and hard, but it is not much different between the two.  I requested soft and it is comfortable, but not my expectation of “soft”.

Biggest disappointment for my wife was cleanser, toner, and moisturizer were not provided for lady.  Surprisingly man got a Shiseido package.

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