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The Ritz Carlton Rewards Card

The Ritz Carlton Rewards Card Offers Lounge Club FREE Membership

Ritz Carlton Rewards Benefit – FREE Lounge Club Membership

Complimentary airport lounge access to more than 350 airport lounges in over 200 cities around the world with LOUNGE CLUB for you and your guests.

  • Complimentary access to airport VIP lounges worldwide — regardless of the class or airline you’re flying
  • Complimentary refreshments and snacks
  • Most international lounges offer showers
  • Email, Internet and conference space

Our Experience

We went from San Francisco to Anchorage and fled back from Vancouver to San Francisco recently by United Airlines.  We downloaded the app for Lounge Club on our phone and search for the closest lounge locations in San Francisco Airport.  The closest that we can use is KLM Lounge International Terminal, Concourse A, and this is the only one that available.  We will assume there should be multiple locations that we can use since San Francisco International Airport is a big hub for traveling.  It is very inconvenient to go from domestic terminal to Concourse A because you need to go out and get to the other side of the airport.  Needless to say, you need to go through the security in Concourse A to reach the KLM Lounge and you need to go through the security again to return to Terminal 3.

Therefore, we decided not to visit the KLM Lounge, instead we tried the United Club because we have the United Explorer Card and each year they give us 2 one-time pass to access the United Club.

United Club

United Club

When we returned from Vancouver to San Francisco, there were 3 locations that we can use the Lounge Club membership.  They were Plaza Premium Lounge Domestic Terminal, Plaza Premium Lounge International Terminal, and Plaza Premium Lounge USA Terminal 1.

Our Experience with United Club in San Francisco Airport

United Club Pass by Chase

United Club Pass by Chase

I guess we are so used to go to the First Class lounges of Cathay Pacific and Singapore Airlines.  United Club does not impressed us at all.  It was crowded with a lot of people.  There were not too many chooses of beverages and food in United Club.  I got a cappuccino and some nuts.  The nuts were stale and ruined my mood to try other items.  Disappointed!!

Our Experience with Lounge Club in Vancouver Airport

Lounge Club

Lounge Club Membership from Ritz Carlton

The location of Plaza Premium Lounge is great, which is on the way to the gate.  It is a small lounge that I ever see.  My feeling was a small and quite resting place and it is not fancy at all.  With the prestige icon of Ritz Carlton, I cannot imagine their targeted guests will satisfy the low end setting of the lounge.  I enjoyed a Canadian Beer and spent half an hour in checking my emails., then heading to the gate.

Our Experience with United Airlines

As my Crazy For Miles fans, you know United Airlines is not my first priority when I travelled, but the flight schedules were perfectly matched my plan.  I redeemed 3 award economy tickets by using 52,500 miles from San Francisco to Anchorage and 3 award economy tickets by using 37,500 miles from Vancouver to San Francisco, saving approximately $1,200 airfares.

I would like to honor excellent services provided by the crews from Vancouver to San Francisco, especially “Sara”.  Sara has all the energy, and heart for her job.  She helped in whatever she can to smooth all the concerns and issues with a big smile. 

There were a family of a couple and 2 kids onboard.  I think they did not check in early enough to get the seats together.  Sara was kindly enough to make her best effort to have the mom seated with the boy and the dad seated with the girl.  She also cheered the kids up and made them not fussy in the airplane.  She thanked the passengers that were willing to swap the seats to make everyone a pleasant flight.  When she served us the drink, my wife asked for her name and told her that she was the greatest United Airlines crew that we ever met.  Her response was impressing and my wife was so glad that she did acknowledge her excellent services.  Sara said because all the crews are great. She is happy to be in the term and everyone is trying the best to do the same. 

Our Experience with Anchorage Marriott Downtown

I used 70,000 Ritz Carlton Rewards to redeem 2 nights FREE stay at Anchorage Marriott Downtown.  The location is good, which is right in downtown, 5 minutes walk to most of the attractions at Anchorage Downtown.  The facility of the hotel is a bit old and not modern.  We are entitled to concierge lounge, but the lounge is not open during the weekend and they offered us breakfast instead. 

Since I earned bonus of 140,000 Ritz Carlton Rewards early this year, I booked 2 FREE nights stay at Anchorage Marriott Downtown by using 70,000 Ritz Carlton Rewards.  Usually it costs approximately $515, including tax, for booking rate of 2 nights at Anchorage Marriott Downtown.  By using 70,000 Ritz Carlton points exchanges for $515 in value.  Well…. I do not think it is that worth comparing to the value of award tickets, but it is FREE. 


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