Get a $20 Staples Gift Card on a Purchase of $300 or more of MasterCard Gift Cards at Staples Stores

MasterCard Gift Card
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$20 Staples Gift Card on purchase of $300+ MasterCard Gift Cards

Last week, I did a posting for getting a $20 Staples Gift Card on a Purchase of $250 + of Visa Gift Cards at Staples.  This week Staples has a similar rebate for getting a $20 Staples Gift Card on a Purchase of $300+ MasterCard Gift Cards, offer from now to March 28, 2015, in-store purchase only.

Since it is the same strategy as the Visa Gift Card, I do not want to repeat myself.  You can read my March 16, 2015 posting for details.

Staples does not advertise big on the rebates, but they offer similar rebates very often.  You can search Staples Easy Rebates for details.

Since I want to boost my basic earnings to 5X and I think I can only benefit 5X from Chase Freedom for restaurants only in second quarter.  Therefore, I can utilize MasterCard Gift Cards along with the Visa Gift Cards that I purchased last week for my second quarter basic expenses.

This is what I mean by empower your spending and earn more green points/miles by spending the equal sum of money.

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