How long can you stay off your phone? – UNICEF 2015 Tap Project

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UNICEF 2015 Tap Project

UNICEF 2015 Tap Project

Are you ready to put down your phone for clean water?

I just received an email from UNICEF USA.  It caught my eyes.

“15 Minutes away from your phone can provide one day of clean water for a child in need.”

I clicked “Take The Challenge” and enroll myself with my mobile phone.  Last year, 2.6 million friends and supporters of UNICEF put down their phones to provide clean water for children.  The results were amazing, $1.7 million was raised for communities in need.  Therefore, UNICEF decides to do it AGAIN for 2015.  Please join UNICEF for the 2015 Tap Project.  Go without your phone and challenge your friends to do the same!

I just finished my challenge.  If I can do it, you can.

Your 15 minutes away from your phone = 1 day of clean water for a child in need

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