How to refer a friend and earn referral bonus points?

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Received this question from PP:

I currently have Chase Sapphire Preferred Card and Gold American Express Card in my wallet.  My family members are interested in the cards as well.  How can I earn some referral bonus?

Chase has Refer-A-Friend program, please provide the information requested and see are you eligible for the referral promotions.  If yes, it will lead you to enter your referees’ email address.  In 2-3 days, Chase will send an email on behalf of you regarding to the Chase card offers.  As long as your friend applies thru the link in the receiving email and get approved, you will earn 5000 bonus points in 1-2 monthly cycle.

With Chase Refer-A-Friend, you earn up to 100k bonus points because you can earn up to 50k bonus points across all eligible Chase personal cards, and up to 50k bonus points for all Chase business cards. 

Referee has to apply thru the referral email that send by Chase in order for you to earn the 5000 referral bonus points.

Chase Refer-A-Friend

Chase Refer-A-Friend

American Express also has referral program, but usually the offers to your friends will not be too great.  I will recommend anyone that is interested in American Express card should watch out for their mails or emails because American Express special bonus offers are targeted.

Remember back in November 2015, I received a targeted offer for 150,000 bonus offer on American Express Platinum card.  Regular offer that you find on American Express official site is 40,000 or 50,000 bonus points only.

American Express 150,000 Membership Rewards Offer

American Express 150,000 Membership Rewards Offer





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