How to Spend $5000 in 3 Months to Qualify for New Credit Card Bonus?

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Meet the Spending Requirement for the New Card Bonus

People always asked us how to spend so much in qualifying the new credit card bonus.  Like the new business Chase Ink Business Preferred card that requires us to spend $5000 in first 3 months on the new card opening to earn the 100,000 bonus.

Your Monthly Spending

Our basic spending every month:

  • Cellular Phone bill $220
  • Cable TV $90
  • Internet $55
  • Netflix $10
  • Gas $300
  • Dining $500
  • Groceries $325

Total from the basic spending in a month is $1500.  For 3 months, we will spend $4500 in the minimal. 

Items that You Can Charge on Your Credit Card

There are items that are basic spending in our life, but not appear every month.  They are like:

  • Home Insurance
  • Auto Insurance
  • Professional Membership Dues
  • Travel Expenses

With those bigger charges, you can easily reach the bonus requirement.

Gift Cards

If you really cannot meet up the spending bonus requirement in 3 months, you can buy gift cards for future uses.  I would recommend buying basic need gift cards like gas station, supermarket, and coffee shops.  This way you can qualify for the spending bonus requirement and the most important is you are not over spending on something you do not to spend.


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