Mileage Earnings from September 8, 2015 to September 21, 2015

Miles Record


Starbucks Gift Cards Purchased at Kohl's

Starbucks Gift Cards Purchased at Kohl’s by using Chase Freedom Card 5X Ultimate Rewards

What I am using in my wallet this month:

  • American AAdvantage Platinum Select MasterCard – Just got a new American AAdvantage Platinum Select MasterCard for 50,000 bonus miles by spending $3,000 in first 3 months of account opening (You can qualify for the bonus again if you do not have the American AAdvantage MasterCard for the previous 18 months.)
  • Third Quarter 2015 Chase Freedom 5X Categories are Gas Stations and Kohl’s.  Fourth Quarter 2015 5X Categories can activate now.
  • Citi ThankYou Card 3X for dining and travel, because I got the Citi ThankYou Card before they changed the dining from 3X to 2X, therefore, I will have 3X for dining until 2016.
  • American Express Blue Cash Card has 3X Cash Back at US Supermarkets
  • Chase Ink Business Card has 5X at office supply stores and on cellular phone, landline, internet and cable TV services – 5X by buying your favor retailers Gift Cards at office supply stores, like Staples or OfficeMax.
  • US Bank Cash + Visa Signature offers 5% cash back with choice of Categories.  This quarter I picked 5% categories for fast food restaurants and Department Stores.  


Chase Freedom Card Activiation

Chase Freedom Card Activiation


  • Which cards do you currently have?  You can email me so I can advise you how to maximize your miles earning,
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Summary of Miles Earning from September 8, 2015 to September 21, 2015

* You can purchase Gift Cards from Kohl’s by using Chase Freedom for 5X.

Kohl's Gift Card

Kohl’s Gift Card

1996 Ultimate Rewards + 1664 American AAdvantage + 1130 Citi ThankYou Points + 440 American Express + $35 Cash Back



September 8, 2015 – September 21, 2015

Restaurant – use Citi ThankYou card for 3X TY  

$264.82 x 3 TY = 794 TY by Citi ThankYou Card

Gas – 5X UR by Chase Freedom Card

$147.18 x 5 UR = 736 UR

Kohl’s – 5X UR by using Chase Freedom Card

$50 Starbucks Gift Card x 5 UR = 250 UR

Groupon – 6% Cash Back at + using Citi ThankYou Card

$9.99 x 6% = $0.60 Cash Back + 10 TY

Staples – 5X UR by using Chase Ink Card

$200 Nordstrom egift card x 5 UR = 1000 UR

Shopping by using UB Bank Cash+ Visa – 5% Cash Back

$65.67 x 5% at Nordstrom = $32.7 Cash Back

$33.91 x 5% at Marshall = $1.70 Cash Back

Daily Spending

326 TY + 414 AA + 10 UR + 440 AE

American AAdvantage eShopping Bonus – 1250 AA

American AAdvantage eShopping Bonus

American AAdvantage eShopping Bonus

* Remember you can pay your home and auto insurance with your credit card.






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