Redeem Miles

Award Miles

Use Your Miles Not Only For Award Tickets

The traditional way to use your miles is to redeem an award ticket.  Nowadays, you can use your miles for a lot of different ways, like redeem for hotel stay, car rental, gift cards, magazine subscription, and more depends on the Airlines loyalty programs.  

How To Find Out Your Options

Sign up to your airlines loyalty program account and go to the loyalty program, then you should find an option for redeem miles, click on that, then your options will appear.

Very often you might not have enough miles to redeem an award ticket or your miles is going to expire, then you can use them for other perks instead of losing the miles.

Soon Expiring Miles

If you have an activity on the  airlines loyalty account, usually your miles will extend for 18 months automatically.  The easier way to extend your miles is to shop online via the airlines loyalty program site.  

Online Shopping

Online Shopping

If you have the airlines credit card, your miles will not be expired.

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