Roundtrip First Class Ticket for $4277.50

AAdvantage account and Dividend Miles account merge in second quarter 2015

Earn Up to 115,000 Bonus American AAdvantage Miles

With American Airlines Devaluation last month, it might worth to buy miles to travel in style if you are not able to earn your miles fast enough.

Now through April 28, American Airlines is offering a bonus on up to 115,000 miles in purchasing or gifting your American AAdvantage miles.  That is a total of up to 265,000 miles.

If you purchase 150,000 miles, you could earn 115,000 bonus miles by paying $4425.  265,000 miles should be more than enough to fly a roundtrip first class to Asia.

Purchase American AAdvantage Miles

Purchase 150,000 American AAdvantage Miles with 115,000 Bonus

For example, I like to fly Cathay Pacific from San Francisco to Hong Kong, with American Airlines devaluation, now I need 220,000 miles to fly roundtrip in first class.  If I purchase 145,000 miles, I will earn 75,000 bonus miles by paying $4277.50.   Then I can use the 220,000 miles plus tax to redeem my first class ticket by Cathay Pacific since Cathay Pacific and American Airlines are both in oneworld alliance participating partners.

Purchase American AAdvantage Miles

Purchase 145,000 American AAdvantage Miles with 75,000 Bonus

If you still have chance to use American Airlines or oneworld participating partners, I would recommend to buy 150,000 miles to maximize your bonus earning to 115,000 and save the remaining unused miles for your next trip.

Purchase 150,000 + Bonus 115,000 = 265,000 miles for $4425.00 (Paying $147.50 for 45,000 more miles)

Purchase 145,000 + Bonus 75,000 = 220,000 miles for $4277.50 (Enough for a roundtrip first class ticket)

Purchase 30,000 + Bonus 15,000 = 45,000 miles for $885.00 (Not worth to purchase)

Purchase American AAdvantage Miles

Purchase 30,000 American AAdvantage Miles with 15,000 Bonus

For $4,277.50 an award first class ticket plus tax verse a pay ticket of $15,586.00 plus tax, I am sure you know how to choose.

Cathay Pacific First Class Ticket

Cathay Pacific First Class Ticket $15,586.00 plus tax






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