See You Soon In the First Class Cabin

Singapore Airlines First Class Boarding

My Last Post

Thanks a lot for your support in the past years.  This is my last post on the site and I will keep on sharing my miles secrets on my Facebook page.  Do not be a stranger and I will see you in the first class cabin.  Travel in style is an enjoyment and start your trip with a great comfort.

One of my friend’s daughter asked her mother:  How come we are so rich and can travel in first class?  I showed her daughter photos of our trips and her jaw is falling with her eyes full of surprises.

Daily Spending

Award Miles

Earn Miles on Your Daily Spending


We can do it and you can do it too.  Set a goal and accumulate your miles on your daily spending.  You can easily find cards that offer 3 points in travel, dining, and gas.  Keep them in your wallet to maximize your daily miles earning.

Online Shopping

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Online shopping is another way to boost your daily points earning to a lot more.  I purchased gift cards for major retails at office supply stores by using my Chase Ink Cash card for 5X, then I use the gift cards as a form of payment thru online shopping via the loyalty program sites to earn additional points.

Bonus offer in New Credit Card

Miles Record

Applying bonus offer credit cards are the fastest ways to earn miles.  I would suggest not to exceed 3 applications every year.  I try to keep it 5 applications for 2 years because of Chase 5/24 rule.

Miles vs Cash Back

I am not a big spender but I find all the possible ways to boost my spending to earn the maximum points I can.  I prefer travel in style than cash back because this way I can make my points worth more than its value.  For example, a first class seat will cost $8,200 or redeem with 92,000 points by Singapore Airlines.  Usually 92,000 points is equal to $920 cash back.  By taking a first class award seat, I inflate the value of points to 8.91 times.

Points and Miles can redeem for award flights, hotel, car rental, and more.  Travel in style is what I love.  How about you?

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