Take Cash Back When Airlines Tickets Are Cheap

Award Miles

Cash Back or Miles

We like to travel in style by Business Class or First Class, therefore, miles are worth more for us.  For economy class travelers, you might consider cash back instead of miles because airlines ticket is so inexpensive nowadays.  There are a lot of promotion for Asia and Europe travels for less than $500 roundtrip recently.  If you need more than 50,000 miles to redeem your economy class ticket, it is better for you to take the cash and purchase the ticket directly.  Bear in mind that 10,000 points = $100 cash back, if you are able to make your 10,000 points or miles worth more than $100, there is great, if not, you should consider cash back or save the miles for future use.

What are in My Wallet for Cash Back?

I have two Cash Back cards in my wallet.  They are Chase Freedom card and US Bank Cash + Visa Signature card.

Chase Freedom Card Benefits

Chase Freedom card gives 5% back on bonus categories, but those categories are preset by Chase, and capped at $1,500 in purchases a quarter. Third quarter 2016 5% Cash Back categories for Chase Freedom card are:

  • Restaurants
  • Wholesale Clubs


Chase Freedom Third Quarter 5%

Chase Freedom Third Quarter 5% – Restaurants and Wholesale Clubs


US Bank Cash + Visa Signature Card Benefits

  • 5% cash back on your first $2,000 in combined net purchases each quarter on two categories you choose
  • 2% cash back on your choice of one everyday category (like gas or groceries)
  • 1% cash back on everything else
  • No limit on total cash back earned
  • No annual fee
  • No minimum redemption – redeem your cash back at any time in any amount when redeeming to checking, savings or statement credit
  • $25 Cash+ Bonus when you redeem $100 or more in a single redemption
US Bank Cash + Visa Signature Card

US Bank Cash + Visa Signature Card – you choose your 5% cash back categories



Last quarter cash back check from ebates.com $421.49

My favor online cash back site, ebates.com.  They pay cash back by quarter and last quarter I got $421.49 in cash back.  They regularly have double cash back on some retailers and additional cash back offers by meeting the minimum purchases.  

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