Targeted Offer 60,000 Bonus American AAdvantage

AAdvantage account and Dividend Miles account merge in second quarter 2015

Online Only 50,000 Bonus American AAdvantage

You should pay attention to the mailing offer that you received.  Sometimes you could be targeted and receive more bonus miles for new card.  Recently, there are people targeted for 60,000 bonus American AAdvantage by spending $3,000 in first 3 months of new account opening, which is 10,000 more bonus than online offering.

What Happen if I am not Targeted?

If you open a new account recently, but you are not targeted, you could try to contact Citi and they are willing to match for the 60,000 bonus offering and giving you 10,000 more bonus.  This is not guaranteed, but it never hurts to try.  I did that in the past and it worked with Citibank and Chase.  With more bonus offer is easier than spending $10,000 more to earn the miles.  Hope that work for you.

With devaluation of American AAdvantage last year, it requires more miles to redeem an award ticket, so please take all the possibility to get more miles.  Online shopping is a great way to earn more miles, especially when American AAdvantage gives out additional bonus on spending.  Recently, they offer 500 bonus if you spend $200 on online shopping between January 12 to 18, 2017.

500 Bonus American AAdvantage miles by spending $200 online

500 Bonus American AAdvantage miles by spending $200 online

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