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Award Miles

Earn Miles on Car Rental and Hotel

Besides you can earn miles when you travel on air and online shopping, there are many other ways that you can earn miles when you travel, like car rental, and hotel.  There are a lot of travel websites that offer bargain prices which could be cheaper than you book them directly from the car rental companies or from the hotel chains.

Which One of Travel Websites Do You Like?

There are many travel websites, like,,,,, and …  Remember, you can still earn cash back at or earn miles at the airlines loyalty program even though you booked through the travel websites.

Earn Cash Back on Travel Websites

Earn Cash Back on Travel Websites

I usually use because they often send me coupon on additional discount via email.  If I am applying the coupon, I will have to click thru the link via the email.  I will not earn any “Collect” stay in its reward program by applying the coupon.  With 10% to 12% discount that I always received, it is worth to apply the coupon and ignore the “Collect” stay in the reward program because you need to collect 10 stay to get 1 night FREE.

Add Up Your Miles

People always asked me how can I earn so many miles and travel in style.  There is no one transaction can give you big miles, but all miles add up could be enough to redeem your next FIRST CLASS flight. Therefore, I will not let myself missing any chances to earn miles. 

In a trip, you might spend $1000 in hotel and $200 in car rental.  If you earn 3 miles on $1200 that you spend through travel website via airlines loyalty program online shopping site, you have 3600 miles.  It does not sound a lot, but they are organic miles that exist and do not waste it..

There are credit cards that offer 3X on travel, like Chase Sapphire Reserve, Citi ThankYou Premier, etc.  If you use that as your form of payment, you can earn addition of 3600 miles.  This is how you double your miles to 7200.

I love miles.  Please share your experiences if you have other ways that earn even more miles.


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