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TSA PreCheck

With security lines so long that many passengers missed their flights, if you have TSA PreCheck, you can cut your security waiting time short.  For a period of five-year, it is $85.

TSA PreCheck lets you go through an expedited lane at the airport, and you do not have to remove your shoes, and laptop.  This line certainly moves faster.


If you have TSA precheck, be sure to enter your Known Traveler number when booking online. This will ensure that it appears on your boarding pass so that you can head straight to the security area when you arrive at the airport.  


TSA PreCheck Must Show on Your Boarding Pass

We went to Santa Ana last month with Southwest Airlines.  Both of us have Global Entry and also qualify for TSA PreCheck.  When we checked in with Southwest Airlines, only my wife had TSA PreCheck on her boarding pass, but I did not.  Therefore, I bought along my Global Entry card when I went thru the security line.  Even though the TSA agent saw my Global Entry card, he cannot let me use the TSA PreCheck line because my boarding pass had no indication of TSA PreCheck.  TSA agent told me that about 10% of the time, even though you have TSA PreCheck, it might not show your boarding pass.  Luckily, the security line was short and we just went through the regular line.

What should you do if TSA PreCheck Not Shown on Your Boarding Pass

After that, my wife discussed with one of her girl friend and found that the same instance happen to her in the past.  She called the airlines and requested them to re-issue a new boarding pass.  It worked for her.  In case it happens to you, try that.

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