United Airlines MileagePlus Shopping Mall – How it works

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Step 1: Click

Visit the Shop Online section of MileagePlus Shopping and click on any offer, product or online store.

Step 2: Shop

We’ll take you to the store’s website to complete your purchase. Remember to only use coupon codes you find on MileagePlus Shopping – shop now.

Step 3: Earn

As soon as the store confirms you made a purchase, we’ll credit the miles you earned to your MileagePlus account and send you an email to let you know.

Tips to Make Sure You Get Your Miles

Follow these simple steps to be sure you’ll maximize the number of miles you earn through MileagePlus Shopping:

  • Click directly from MileagePlus Shopping to the store’s website.
  • Check for any offer restrictions before making a purchase to determine eligibility to earn miles.
  • Only use promotion or coupon codes found on MileagePlus Shopping.
  • Make sure your browser settings are not blocking cookies from the store’s website.

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