United Airlines Miles Expire in 18 Months

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Award Miles

Award Miles

How to extend your United Miles For Another 18 Months

Your United Miles will never expire if you have activities in the account, otherwise, it will expire in 18 months from your last activity.  You can easily extend your United Miles for another 18 months:

  1. Online shopping thru United MileagePlus Mall is the best way to do if you are not planning to travel before your miles expire.
  2. Transfer some miles from Chase Ultimate Rewards account to your United MilesagePlus account.
  3. Apply for United Explorer Card and your miles will not expire as long as you have your account active.

You do not need a lot to redeem an award ticket

You can redeem one way saver United domestic travel award ticket as low as 10,000 miles.  Please refer to the award chart for details.  40,000 United MileagePlus Miles should be enough for 2 domestic roundtrip award travel.

If you are thinking of international travelling, you can use the miles to redeem one-way award ticket and then use your other miles in different airlines royalty program to redeem another one-way award ticket.

Last time, I used United Miles to redeem an one-way ticket from San Francisco to Europe, and I used my American AAdvantage miles to redeem my return flight from Europe back to San Francisco.  Sometimes you are amazed by the power of using different airlines award tickets because of the better time of travel and more choice for travel dates.  That is the reason why I always emphasis in diversifying your miles in different airlines royalty programs.

I have a friend who has approximately 40,000 United MileagePlus Miles, and is going to expire soon in October.  Because he has unpleasant experience with United Airlines in the past, he does not want to travel with United Airlines anyone.  Haha… Even though you have United Miles, you can use it to redeem ticket for another airlines, who are members of Star Alliance.

Because other airlines’ award seats are not shown up on United site, you need to call United MileagePlus to redeem the award tickets.

You can also redeem tickets for any person, like family members or friends, to travel in case if you really have no plan to travel.

Star Alliance

United Airlines is a member of star Alliance program and you can use the miles to redeem ticket from participate partner airlines.

Star Alliance

United Airlines is a member of Star Alliance

Donate Your Miles

Don’t waste your expiring unused miles.  You can donate your miles and help people in need.

To donate miles, enter the number of miles you wish to donate and click the “Donate now” button (a minimum of 500 miles is required per donation). Mileage donations are not tax deductible.   There are a lot of different charities that you can choose from.  If you cannot find a way to spend them, donate them.

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