Ways to Meet Credit Card Minimum Required Spending

Credit Card
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Credit Cards Bonus Offer

Credit Card Bonus Offers

Credit card company usually requires certain amount of spending within the first 3 months of new account opening in order for you to earn the bonus offer.  They usually post the bonus offer in next month statement after you meet the spending requirement, so if you need your miles sooner, do not wait until 3 months, the soonest you meet the spending requirement, the soonest you will credit the bonus miles.

Ways to Meet Credit Card Minimum Required Spending in your Daily Spending

  • Insurance – including home insurance, renter’s insurance, auto insurance, medical and dental insurance…
  • Cellphone/Cable TV/Internet/Netflix
  • Dining – do not pay cash, even though coffee
  • Groceries/Gas
  • Toll Transponders
  • Car Registration
  • Utility Payments
  • Anything you spend, make sure you pay credit card

Need more Ways to Meet Credit Card Minimum Required Spending

  • prepaid your bill, e.g. you can pay extra on your cellphone and Cable fees
  • buy gift cards for future use, e.g. Shell and Chevron Gas Gift Cards, Starbucks Gift Cards, Target and Walmart Gift Cards, Home Depot and Lowes Gift Cards…., they have no extra fees
Bed Bath & Beyond

Gift Cards

Others Ways to Meet Credit Card Minimum Required Spending – But No Recommended

Ways below usually involve additional fees for the transactions:

  • Via PayPal to pay your contractor/baby sitter, handymen, yard work provider
  • Property Taxes/ US Taxes/State and Local Taxes

Return to Stores and Request Credit on Different Form of Payment

Usually most stores will credit on your original form of payment when you return your items, but there are few stores that provide excellent customer service and allow you to receive credit on different form of payment other than the credit card that you used to make the purchase.  Costco and Nordstrom do.  If you know more stores that will, please share your information with us.


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